Domestic Plumbing Services

Saving for retirement requires careful planning.

Our plumbing services include fitting toilets, basins, and sinks, baths, shower trays, and screens. We fit taps and replace leaking taps. We also move and add pipework to desired locations. We also fit outdoor taps for your garden. We also plumb in appliances such as washers and dishwashers.


  • Showing the in-progress shower piping for a new shower installation.
  • Showing an in-progress installation of a bathtub and toilet unit.
  • Showing under the floorboards of a bathroom, and the piping which was installed under them.
  • Showing the in-progress piping for a new bathroom basin which will be elevated above a small cupboard unit.
  • Showing the empty space which will be taken up by a modern bathtub and shower combination.
  • Showing a newly installed toilet and basin combination against a wall with plastering completed, but no wallpapering.
  • An installed, bath and shower unit with multiple shower heads, and grey tiles behind the unit.
  • An installed bathtub unit with a shower unit and white tiles behind it.